The Movement provides the following services completely free:

  1. 1.Psychosocial Support Program for People Living With HIV (PLWH), for their partners, friends and anyone they consider as their family, at the Gregorious Clinic, 6th flour of Larnaca General Hospital.

  1. 2.Support Telephone Line in English, Greek and Spanish, by calling the mobile number: +357 9960 9070.

  1. 3.Cy Checkpoint : Outreach

        Anonymous, Free and Rapid Testing on HIV.

  1. The Movement organises HIV Rapid Testing events, at pre-announced locations all around Cyprus and on specific days and times. The HIV Testing Events make use of the INSTI rapid tests and are made in a completely private environment. The testing is completely free of charge for everyone and anonymous. You can register on our Mailing and/or SMS Lists by clicking here.

  1. 4.Raising Awareness on the Internet (Facebook, Twitter, Grindr, Planet Romeo). Information is provided to the LGBTI community and the general public through Social Networking Pages & mobile apps, on safer sex practices, and other info such as where you can get tested in Cyprus, what “undetectable” means, etc.

  1. 5.Guide on Safe Sex practices (download the PDF by clicking on the icon below). The guide is also available in Greek and in Turkish.


Monday – Friday

09:00 -13:00 & 17:00-21:00

English, Greek, Spanish

ASM Cyprus

Cy Checkpoint

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